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About the Role

We have a range of game developer and game artist roles, six month contract position (extendible to 12 months) with an awesome Melbourne based client, working as part of their distributed game development team building a AAA MMO in Unreal Engine.


A001 – Concept Artist (Senior)

Skills in realistic, fantasy character and weapon concepting, preferably a photobashing painting hybrid skill set; some render touch ups and illustration work .

Preferably Senior (5+ years) and worked on realistic titles.

A002 - Back End Dev Ops Engineer (Mid-Senior)

Will be instrumental in maintaining and optimising the cloud-based gaming infrastructure and builds. Experience working on a gaming project with Unreal Engine will be significantly beneficial, given its widespread use in our development processes. Responsibilities will also encompass managing software builds and their respective pipelines, ensuring stability and efficiency across all stages of development. The candidate should be able to monitor, identify, and resolve system issues, maintaining a strong focus on performance metrics and security protocols.

The Ideal candidate will be proficient with:

  • AWS, AWS CDK and SDK (Essential) / AWS Infrastructure as Code

  • Scripting Languages for Automation (Desirable): Python, JavaScript.

  • Familiarization with AWS Technology Services: Containerisation and Serverless (Highly Desirable/Essential)/ Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, Bonus for experience with AWS GameLift

  • Have a Firm understanding of common DevOps Tools. (Essential)

  • Knowledge of continuous build, release, and deployment systems. (Essential)

  • Version Control Systems: (Essential) Knowledge of Git is essential. Familiarity with Perforce and Perforce Admin is highly desirable.

  • Game Engines: (Highly Desirable) experience with working on projects as a DevOps engineer with Unreal Engine. Experience working with the Unreal editor and build tool is preferable.

  • Strong communication skills (English is our working language)

Either a senior (5+ years) or a mid (2-3 years) with game dev experience

A003 - Technical Animator (Senior)

Skills in:

  • Unreal 5 background

  • Tool creation

  • Knowledge of shaders

  • Ability to help tighten pipelines with tools and implementation

A004 - UI Artist (Senior)

Skills in:

  • Ability to implement in Unreal 5

  • Strong design and layout language

  • Illustration skills

A005/006 - Animator (Mid->Senior)

Skills in:

  • The ability to create AAA rigs and facial rigs, focused within Unreal Engine

  • Realistic locomotion and fighting animation (without mocap data)

A007/A008 - Front End Developer (Mid->Senior)

  • We value Unreal 5 experience over Unreal 4.

  • We prefer Unreal experience over other game engine experience

  • Needs solid familiarity with Unreal blueprint system for gameplay programming

  • Needs solid familiarity with networking in Unreal

  • Very preferable if you have C++ experience as well

  • I Agent knowledge and building combat systems a huge plus

Specific experience in any of the following fields:

  • Graphics/animation/VFX

  • Network/multiplayer/replication

  • Loading/streaming/optimization

  • World/level/physics

  • AI agent/NPCs/pathing/triggers

  • UI/Interaction/Controls

  • Sound

A009/A010 - Back End Developer (Mid->Senior)

The Backend Developers will play a pivotal role in developing and maintaining the game's backend services. The role will be responsible for designing, implementing, and managing microservices that support gameplay and social features within the massively multiplayer online game. Experience in working with Unreal Engine and familiarity with gaming systems like Player Account Management, Player Progression, Party Systems, Inventory Management, Chat and other MMO-specific features are highly beneficial.


  • Develop and maintain scalable microservices using AWS technologies.

  • Collaborate with other team members to integrate game systems with backend services.

  • Work closely with DevOps engineer to ensure smooth CI/CD, scalability, and performance of our services.

  • Create well-documented API endpoints for client services to consume.

  • Monitor and resolve any issues affecting the backend systems.

  • Implement security best practices to safeguard sensitive data.

  • Coordinate with game design and front-end teams to understand their needs and translate them into technical requirements.

Ideal Candidate Qualifications:

  • Strong proficiency in C#, Node.js, Python, or other server-side languages.

  • Knowledge and experience with AWS, particularly services like Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito, and GameLift.

  • Familiarity with API design and development using REST.

  • Experience in developing services for gaming, especially in the context of MMOs.

  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine, specifically in terms of backend service integration and state synchronization (Desirable).

  • Knowledge of database design and management, both relational and NoSQL.

  • Understanding of microservice architecture and serverless patterns.

  • Proficiency in Git for version control; Perforce is highly desirable.

  • Familiarity with containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes is a plus.

  • Experience with real-time communication services for features like chat, party systems, or live events is beneficial (i.e. Vivox SDK).

  • Strong communication skills (English is our working language).

A011 - VFX Artist

To be successful in this role, you must be active in exploring and prototyping new and spectacular effects for real-time and have a deep reel displaying a wide range of effects, including those that are not yet possible for RT use (they will be soon enough).

Other aspects of the role will involve:

  • Creating awesome fx for our next-gen games

  • Ensuring Art assets translate properly into Unreal

  • Develop scripts/tools that will increase productivity and ensure a consistent pipeline for Art assets

  • Use profiling tools to diagnose in-game performance issues and identify how to optimise scenes to run at target frame-rates

Key Experience

  • 5+ years experience as a technical artist (or equivalent capacity) in 3D games, simulators, or other high-performance real-time systems

  • At least 3 years of experience working in Unreal Engine

  • Experience with scripting, workflows, asset assemblies and asset management

  • Unreal XP

  • Experience with real-time VFX, Houdini, and procedural asset creation

A012 - SFX Artist

Responsibilities include:

  • Putting the sounds in the Unreal project

  • Dragging references to those sounds where programmers specify, within the Unreal project

  • Ideally comfortable working in Blueprints to code when the sounds should trigger according to gameplay events, and working under the same code review step as anyone else contributing in Unreal

  • 3D sound properties, and what's involved to create an engaging experience in a 3D world

  • Sound processing, e.g. if I shot a gun in an echoey environment, they would know how to tweak sound properties using DSP effects etc within Unreal

  • Sound effect creation/sourcing

  • Musical composition for background/ambient/title music

A013/A014 - QA (Junior->Mid)

Skills in:

  • Manual testing (which covers feature, integration, systems, regression, and exploratory testing)

  • Experience with using Unreal testing tools (automation tool, screenshot comparison performance metrics and profiling)

  • Network testing

  • Performance testing (using UE5 profiling and metric tools)

  • API Testing (Backend)

  • Experience with Postman or Insomnia

  • Experience with Bitbucket (optional/nice to have))

  • Experience with AWS (optional/nice to have)

A015/A016 - Art Director / Supervisor

Able to motivate, inspire, and support the team to create compelling and artistically outstanding work. As an empathetic leader, you will provide the team with guidance and get their encouraged ideas to help to shape the artistic direction. Will lead the design and style of digital products whilst coordinating and overseeing the work of the team. This role requires them to be able to balance the creative capability of the team, whilst providing them mentorship to inspire exceptional creative thinking and a high standard of work.

Overall, will have a natural eye for design and a passion for delivering dynamic ideas that connect with and meet the needs of our audiences.

Key responsibilities

  • Lead a talented art team to deliver on projects and find creative solutions to technical challenges.

  • Review and approve work developed by the art team. Provide clear, objective, constructive, and empathetic critiques of creative work.

  • Define a game or product’s visual direction in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders (put together mood boards, references, and descriptions)

  • Roll up your sleeves and demonstrate exceptional artistic talent

  • Help and mentor individual designers to develop their design skills, and grow as team members and artists.

  • Guide other artists to complete projects to a standard that meets or exceeds our client expectations.

  • Identify opportunities for improving design processes and technologies, and collaborate with the team to implement them.

Key experience:

  • 5+ years experience in Games, with at least 3 years in a lead or management position

  • Passion for games development and strong game culture

  • Strong working knowledge of current tools (Maya, 3DS max, Blender, Zbrush, Substance)

  • Experience with Unreal and VR tech pipelines

  • Demonstrable skills in all aspects of art direction (visual design, UI design, usability, style, composition, principles of animation and technical execution)

  • Exceptional design aesthetics and craft

  • Experience producing work for multiple platforms (ie. apps, console, PC, web,, etc)

  • Experience working with external clients, desirable. 

A017 - Game Producer

  • Work with the Program and Department Leads to define deliverable milestones, taking into consideration short and long-term project goals, scope, pipelines, and staffing

  • Ensure the development team remains on track to address milestone goals, responding to unexpected changes and development by reprioritisation, or escalating when necessary

  • Focus on future update timelines including defining update scope and build schedules, while supporting the QA team in delivering and sending builds

  • Communicate with IP holders to seek feedback and approval on asset design, narrative and gameplay concepts, as well as deliver development updates

  • Contribute to the improvement of production and development processes and tools

  • Participate in promotional activities for the game/studio

Key Experience

  • 5+ years experience in Games, with at least 3 years in a lead or management position

  • Passion for games development and strong game culture

  • Working knowledge of current tools (Maya, 3DS max, Blender, Zbrush, Substance)

  • Experience with Unreal and VR/AR tech pipelines

  • Demonstrable skills in all aspects of art direction (visual design, UI design, usability, style, composition, principles of animation and technical execution)

  • Exceptional design aesthetics and craft

  • Experience producing work for multiple platforms (ie. apps, console, PC, web,, etc)

  • Experience working with external clients, desirable

A018 - Level Designer (Senior)

Incredibly passionate about games and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. Responsible for being an architect of environmental gameplay, playing an important role in the creative team developing an innovative product in Unreal 5. Responsible for developing and communicating the level design vision and being a pioneer in designing for the product.

Key Experience

  • Experience working with other game development disciplines to help create compelling gameplay experiences.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for communicating creative process to relevant stakeholders.

  • Ability to work within established creative guidelines and contribute to the overall vision.

  • Strong multiplayer experience and have designed, iterated and shipped multiple titles across PC and/or Console.

  • An interest in iterating on established level design principles for the purposes of novel game mechanics and a novel world design

  • A Strong work ethic, outstanding problem-solving skills and the ability to deliver on time.

  • Passion and desire to foster a culture of collaboration amongst cross disciplinary teams.

  • Previous experience using UE5 and Blueprints would be highly regarded

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