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Want to grow your team offshore without the hassle?

Our offshore managed services build and manage high-performing teams in the Philippines for clients who are looking for a cost effective way to scale their operations


Want to work where your talent is nurtured?

We create engaging and diverse work opportunities with a variety of global companies where you can thrive and grow your career in a culture of excellence

Learn how you can save 60-70% on employment costs by offshoring

Offshoring Made Simple

Are you a business owner who wants to grow their business but is struggling to find high-quality talent locally at an affordable cost?

We make offshoring to the Philippines simple and cost-efficient, no matter how big or small your business is. Our offshore managed services offer a range of talented and passionate IT, front office and back office staff that can work exclusively in your operations, and we can build your team in as little as 45 days.


Even better, we have no minimum staffing requirements, so you can get started with any size team and save up to 50% on labor costs!


We have a team of passionate and talented rock stars ready to work exclusively for your business.

Don't see the skill you need? Talk to us about creating a custom team for your exact needs.

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