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Offshoring isn't just for big business

Don't think that only big businesses can leverage offshoring to scale their business!


Our offshore managed services allow any sized business to start benefiting from offshoring, regardless of whether you're a startup, home entrepreneur, or established company.


We make offshoring simple, fast, cost-efficient and risk-free, and can create a custom service plan that will help you scale as your business grows while giving you instant access to offshore talent.

Launch your offshore team in less than 45 days

How We Work

We work closely with your leadership team to get a deep understanding of your immediate and long-term business priorities, as well as the specific talent and skills needed to achieve those priorities.


We then use that information to curate the right blend of people, service levels and support structures, and establish your very own dedicated Philippine-based  team as an end-to-end managed service.

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Our team of local specialists are continuously maintaining a pool of talented, high-performing and dedicated professionals, experienced with the right skills, armed with the right attitude, and  ready to be deployed to a client's account as needed.


Our management team work to build our culture of excellence, manage team and individual performance, and continuously up-skill and cross-skill the talent, to ensure we can continue to meet the changing needs of our clients.


Each client has an account manager who work closely with your leadership team to ensure the operations perform exactly as needed, constantly evaluating performance against service levels and helping to adjust operations as needed.



Our managed service helps you quickly expand your businesses capabilities by engaging and deploying your own dedicated team in the Philippines in as little as 45 days. We eliminate the need to establish your own office, register a local company, engage with lawyers and accounts or even set up bank accounts in the Philippines. 


Our expert understanding of the Philippines markets, laws and regulations eliminates potential roadblocks and risk from offshoring. We keep our finger on the pulse of the evolving Philippines landscape to protect your operations and maintain service levels. This means you get all the benefits of offshoring without adding too much burden to you or your business.


The Philippines holds an incredible amount of talented, experienced and high-performing talent. Their excellent English language skills, vibrant personalities and work ethic make them the envy of Asia.

They integrate easily into existing onshore teams, work well both collaboratively and autonomously, and the time zone makes it attractive for clients looking to build a "follow the sun" strategy.


While employment costs globally have dramatically increased, the Philippines still offers significant cost-efficiency when compared to onshore labor costs, while still offering excellent remuneration options for Philippine-based talent.

Fixed overhead costs remain relatively stable in recent years, even after COVID, allowing fully-loaded headcount costs to justify scaling in another country as a long-term viable option.

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Opportunities for Filipino talent 


We firmly believe that the Philippines has an incredibly diverse mix of experienced and dedicated talent that have a passion for doing great work and a strong desire to help their clients achieve their goals. We created Taurfish so that great clients can work with great talent.



Transparency and equitable outcomes

For great outcomes to happen, there needs to be absolute clarity and transparency from both sides on what is expected and what it will take to achieve those expectations; and it must be done in a way that is fair and balanced for everyone – including the talent.



Change and progress are mandatory

Taurfish is built on a culture of excellence, demanding that we constantly embrace change and adapt to the evolving landscape. We expect our clients and our talent to share this mindset and to actively engage with it as a way of working with us.

Why Choose Us?

Our leadership team is comprised of both local Filipinos and expatriates, giving us a deep understanding of the local culture and allowing us to cultivate a broad network across the talent market, as well as establishing a reputation as strong leaders who build amazing workplaces with a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

The result is a company that is passionate about helping international clients tap into the rich and experienced talent market in the Philippines and creating win-win outcomes for both our clients and our employees.

Ready to Start Your Offshoring Journey?

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