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Our Benefits

We understand that every individual has their own needs when it comes to employment benefits, and monthly salary isn't everything. Taurfish has created what we feel is a fair and balanced approach to compensation that is more reflective of current society needs and trends.

 Monthly Salary

We regularly benchmark against the industry to make sure our salary ranges match the skill levels we hire for

Leave Entitlements

We offer a generous number of leaves per year, offered as flexible, emergency, and mandatory leaves

Paid Training

On top of regular company training we fund your individual technical training and co-contribute towards any non-work related training you decide on


We give every employee an annual, upfront allowance for tools of trade and home  utilities, on top of the government mandated allowances

Medical Benefits

We provide a flexible medical entitlements package that lets you choose how to allocate the benefits in a way that suits your needs

Quarterly Bonus

A cash bonus pool is available on a quarterly basis for individuals, teams and groups based on clearly defined objectives and deliverables

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