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Case Studies

There is no better way to understand how our offshore managed services can help your business than by reading how we have helped other companies offshore.


Our case studies spotlight how different types of businesses use our services in ways that meet their own unique challenges, and the benefits they achieved through using an offshore managed service partner.

Legacy App Modernization

Accelerated IT development using remote offshore teams

This is about an Australian B2B SME that found themselves struggling with a legacy web application that had been written many years ago but had only recently been considered as part of their “secret sauce” – something that could be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage.

Front & Back office expansion

Growing organizational resources by blending local and offshore teams

Our case study is about an Australian B2B/B2C SME that recently began its first foray into using offshore managed services to expand their operational capabilities, as a response to onshore issues following the global pandemic.

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