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Taurfish becomes Innovation Partner of coMakeIT

5 Oct 2022

Taurfish announces partnership with offshore product development leader coMakeIT - Part of Xebia

We are excited to announce that Taurfish is now an Innovation Partner of coMakeIT – Part of Xebia, enabling us to offer world-class digital product engineering and development services to clients across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

coMakeIT’s offshore product engineering capabilities and unique co-creation partnership model is driven by over 15 years of experience in helping clients build, modernize, integrate and deploy business-critical digital products.

Unlike the old days of outsourcing, coMakeIT’s innovative, product-centric approach to long-term partnering with clients is a game changer, and key to why Taurfish has chosen to partner with them.

This allows us to offer highly customizable offshore services across a broad spectrum of technology practices, with skilled domain experts in India and the Philippines.

Whether you’re considering building your next super-app, or simply want to modernize a legacy application, or anything else in between, we have an engagement model that’s cost effective, protects your intellectual property and gets you to market quickly.

Visit our page on development services to learn more or contact us to find out how we can help you with your next digital product.

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