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Do you have the Right Stuff?

We screen for attitude and aptitude just as much as we do for technical talent, to make sure candidates are the right fit for our culture of excellence.

Personal Development

This is so important to you that you take charge of it in your personal and professional life

Self Accountability

You look at your own accountability before pointing the finger at others

Drive to Succeed

Succeeding is important to you and drives every decision you make, every day

Passion for Excellence

You believe that a job isn't done unless it's done properly - every single time

Creatively Inspired

Your work goes beyond 1's and 0's and you have a flair that can inspire new directions

Strong Communicator

Ideas are more valuable if they can be communicated clearly to everyone involved

Flexible Focus

There's a time to lock yourself away and a time when the world needs you to engage

Passion for Excellence

You are comfortable looking at the bigger picture as well as getting into the details

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